How do texts construct and represent indigenous experience? In what ways do traditional and contemporary texts include or exclude indigenous Australians? What are the implications of creating texts about and/or for indigenous peoples? How do Australian indigenous peoples portray their own experiences?


This WebQuest aims to assist students to understand how traditional, visual and multimodal texts construct ideas of indigeneity and contribute to ongoing conversations about indigenous and non-indigenous peoples’ places in Australian culture. It also aims to inspire students to create their own digital poem or song with ethical and respectful use of indigenous content.


In pursuing the WebQuest students will develop their skills as critical readers, viewers and listeners. By coming to understand how traditional, visual and multimodal texts achieve their meanings, students will develop skills which will help them become effective composers of their own critical and poetic texts.


Throughout the WebQuest, there is an emphasis on understanding intertextuality and developing visual literacy. (See Teacher's Guide)