In Class Activities


In composing multimodal texts it is important first to recognise the different ways texts are combined to create new  meanings. These exercises will help you understand how meaning can be represented by combining written, visual and audio texts in your digital poem or song. Why bother?


By completing these exercises during class time, you will share your understanding about the different ways texts and intertexts construct meaning in an indigenous context. Your teacher should also allocated time for you to begin work on composing your digital poem or song.


The following activities involve viewing, listening, reading, reflecting, discussing and writing. 


Activity 1: European Constructions of Aboriginality.

Activity 2: A Story in Song: Vincent Lingiari.

Activity 3: The Political Power of Poetry: Keating's Redfern Speech.

Activity 4: An Alternative National Anthem: Transforming Traditional Texts.


After you have completed these activities, look at some examples of digital or multimodal poetry in a non-Australian context and answer the focus questions on at least one of the texts from Poetry for the 21st Century: Traditional Poems in a Multimodal Context.

Keep a learning log of your thoughts and ideas for your composition.
Once you have created your digital poem or song
evaluate this WebQuest.


Most importantly, remember - have fun!