Once you have completed the WebQuest, post your feedback comments to the Guest Book. (If you're a teacher or student teacher evaluating this site, please feel free to comment.)


In composing your feedback, consider the following:


  • What did I learn from doing this WebQuest?

  • What frustrated me about this process? What did I enjoy most?

  • Did the design of the WebQuest help me create my digital poem or song?

  • Was the technology helpful, or was it a distraction?

  • Were the links easy to follow and relevant? (Did they work, or were some out of date? If so, you might like to specify where the links broke down so the WebQuest can be improved for future students.)

  • What problems did I face? How did I overcome them?

  • Do I feel that the end product, my digital poem or song, has achieved what I set out to achieve? Will it move an audience’s emotions?

  • Is my digital poem or song ready to be published/submitted, or was insufficient time allocated to complete the different activities as well as the assessment task to my satisfaction?

  • How did the WebQuest assignment compare to my usual classes?