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Dance at the Conclusion of the Cavarra Ceremonies (1845)*
Dance at the Conclusion of the Cavarra Ceremonies (1845)*


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

are warned that this site contains and may lead to images and sounds of deceased persons.



This WebQuest was created May 2009 by Elizabeth Lhuede for
a Master of Teaching program, University

of New England. It exists now for archival purposes, but feel free to use what you want.




Originally designed for NSW English Preliminary Stage 6,

it may also be used for independent study or adapted for Stage 5.



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* Source of image: Hodginson, C. Australia, from Port Macquarie to Moreton Bay; with descriptions of the natives, their manners and customs. (London, T and W Boone, 1845), appearing online in the Monash University Library Rare Books Exhibition. Permission for use granted by Monash University Copyright Office April 2010.


Note: Every effort has been made to track down and gain permission from the copyright holders of images and material used on this website, including images from the National Library of Australia, individual poets, photographers and publishers (April 2010).


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